Traditional healing practices must be integrated with modern medicine: Y20 summit delegates in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, May 4 (PTI) Young delegates from G-20 nations and noted physicians of the country underscored the need to integrate all systems of medicine to offer better treatment to people as they met here for a Y-20 health conclave at AIIMS Thursday.

The two-day ‘Youth-20 consultation summit’ saw health experts discuss various topics, including the use of modern and traditional systems of medicine.

The event was inaugurated by Uttarakhand Minister for Sports Affairs and Youth Welfare Rekha Arya.

KK Talwar, former director of PGMIER, Chandigarh, said, “It is time to adopt an integrative and inclusive approach aimed at amalgamating the strengths of the modern and alternative systems of medicines to offer the best treatment to patients.” Echoing Talwar, BN Gangadhar, former director of NIMHANS, Bengaluru, said blending modern medicine with the traditional forms of medicine and therapy is the way ahead. Swami Dayadipananda Maharaj from an ashram here spoke at length on the healing powers of yoga, describing it as an art of achieving oneness of the body, mind and soul through pranayama, asana and dhyana (meditation).

Japanese delegate H Yamamoto talked about the vital link between one’s health, wellbeing and indoor environment.

“As we spend most of our time indoors such as offices, schools and other enclosed air-conditioned spaces, we must maintain a healthy indoor environment through ventilation, air filtration and humidity control to keep ourselves healthy,” he said.

The Youth-20 (Y20) Consultation brings together young leaders from G20 countries to discuss and debate global challenges.

Y20 is the official youth engagement group for G20 (Group of 20), which encourages youths to evolve as future leaders to raise awareness on global issues, exchange ideas, argue, negotiate and reach a consensus.

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