Y20 India curtain raiser (8)

Thakur launches themes, website & logo of Y20 Summit

NEW DELHI: Union minister Anurag Thakur on Friday launched the themes of Y20 summit, logo and website at the Y20 Summit India’s curtain raiser event here.

He said the future of the world economy and humanity rests in the hands of the Gen Z and young people are stakeholders in the present and builders of tomorrow.

“The Y20 Summit is a unique opportunity to allow the youth to provide constructive policy inputs and to utilise the platform to voice their opinions for the world audience. The Youth 20 India Summit brings together the trustees of our future generations from across the G20 countries to deliberate, discuss and deduce innovative, sustainable and actionable solutions especially in the realm of social development. At the Y20 Summit, India will not only speak; but also provide an audience to youth from across the world, to be heard in the world’s largest democracy amongst those young leaders geared up with the baton to the future,” he said.

He said he was hopeful the youth will use the Y20 opportunity to educate and own the responsibility of ensuring that the final presented to G20 leaders is one that “fulfils the hopes and dreams of all the youth — rural and urban, in the developed and developing world”.

“The Youth 20 is a brilliant way to amplify the voices of young people. The world will be listening to you very carefully. I firmly believe you are the TRUSTEES of the FUTURE who will uphold peace, ensure gender equity, mitigate climate change, spread intercultural diversity, innovate with passion and a heal as you grow,” Thakur said.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/thakur-launches-themes-website-logo-of-y20-summit/articleshow/96803326.cms