The world faces various transnational challenges to human existence in a turbulent era of international relations. The new age conflicts, pandemics, climate change, arms race, and war by other means have caused serious disruptions to global peace and security with an increasing gap between the developed and the developing world. To address these challenges and promote global peace, it is necessary to prioritise multilateral engagement and encourage dialogue and mutual understanding between cultures. Negotiations and multiculturalism are two important terms for the new inclusive order. The compound challenge of mismanagement of planet resources, the decline of existing international institutions, and the Covid-19 pandemic have led to an increasing global fragility making countries across the globe prone to conflict and wars. The emergence and role of non-state actors in conflicts, and cross-border terrorism pose an additional threat to international security. Undoubtedly, the challenges to global peace need to be prioritised in multilateral engagements.

The Y20 deliberation will be anchored on the following subthemes: